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TecPoint Global Solutions in partnership with Hydra & Innosoft (UAE) has capability to deliver an E-Governance Application to enable Nigerian population to have access to all the services at their fingertips; from paying utility bills, to call for an ambulance, to report a crime, to seek help and to contribute towards the development of the State & Country the application would empower all citizens to participate in the growth of the State & Country.

We would set up process to provide end to end solution to our customers, where in we would also provide:-

Designing & Building Centralized Command & Control center for 24/7 operations
Building secure Communication Channel and connecting all the sensors to centralized command and control center
Common operating picture through centralized Geospatial Intelligence
Building Secure , Resilience Data center for 24/7 operations

Renewable Hybrid Energy & Energy Efficient Solutions

To ensure we provide holistic end to end solution and meet our vision to enhance the living standard of TPGS Customers in Nigeria, TPGS along with its partner brings to you affordable and efficient Hybrid Energy Solutions.

Water Management Solutions

TecPoint Global Solutions brings in the technology to efficiently purify any available local water source to exceed WHO-quality drinking water standards. We believe in sustainable community solution, a one-time investment in our ground breaking technology water solution would provide drinking water to a residential estate & community for 10 years.

Residential Estate & Communities not only realize immediate benefits from improved health and wellbeing brought by clean water, they also benefit economically by saving on spending on buying drinking water and further they enjoy the comfort of drinking water available at their home always.

We constantly innovate and upgrade our product range to create more efficient products that reduces our customer dependency on grid power and reduces their expenses.

Sentinel – Smart Surveillance Services

We expertize in City Surveillance. We have professional partners who have already deployed City wide Surveillance solutions in other parts of the world.

Our City Surveillance Sentinel has following features:-

  • IP based surveillance cameras mounted at strategic locations.
  • Thermal cameras & Infrared lighting for reduced light conditions.
  • Vandal proof rugged casing.
  • Surveillance cameras that supports slew to cue.
  • Automatic Number Plate recognition.
  • Intelligent video analytics.
  • Secured Fiber and wireless communication for surveillance cameras.
  • Solar powered with battery back-up.
  • Intelligent Access and Entrance control.
  • Physical Intrusion detection.
  • Fire detection and Alarm.
  • PSIM & Command center.
Internet Of Things
Traffic Management
  • Signal control through inductive loop detection.
  • Peak time traffic control based on sensors.
  • VIP/Emergency traffic clearance.
  • Alert system for signal violation.
  • Speed Detection Radars.
  • ANPR camera at strategic locations.
  • Detection of Traffic congestion, Accidents, wrong direction, vehicle on shoulder vide Intelligent Analytics.
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