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Pan Nigeria Service & Solution Delivery Capability

We believe that quality customer service is backbone of any business and customer satisfaction is our only focus. Our Network Solution is highly scalable, once installed our infrastructure has the capability to manage large demands for Internet Bandwidth for next 20 years. Due to the redundancy built in our network, we assure 99% of service availability backed with proper SLAs. We have 3-Levels of Technical support from on call support, to email support to In House Support by Engineers on the ground. The human & technical resources are being planned to maintain proximity to our customer that would enable us to reduce our mean-time-to-repair in case of any issues. The complete network is on proactive monitoring. Our NOC Engineers are proactively monitoring the network 24X7 to eliminate any issue that can cause an outage on your network and keep you informed on any planned upgrade that may disrupt your services.

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