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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Your All-in-one Route To Protection And Prevention

upgrade your security with a holistic, world-class service that builds on your existing architecture and cuts costs

As security threats become ever more numerous and sophisticated,global enterprises need to strengthen their defences.Tata Communications’ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service offers 24/7/365 proactive security monitoring and management for events and incidents by a dedicated, expert team.Through preventive action, the service neutralists risks before they affect your business.

Benefit from expert management, monitoring and correlation of all deployed security appliances.
Reduce security administration overheads – maximising existing IT infrastructure.
Ensure continuity – through managed security for mission-critical,web-based applications.
Raise efficiency with automated log storage and archival.
Reduce the ability of attacks to traverse the network – by leveraging managed intrusion prevention and network firewall capabilities.

Protect Your Asssets – and Your Budget

As the volume of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) rises – alongside confidential corporate data, including intellectual property – so do the costs when it falls into the wrong hands. To make matters worse, the Economic Forum Global Risk Report estimates that as many as 71% of victims are unaware of a data breach until they hear about it from others.
The best technology managed by the best talent

Tata Communications’ Managed Data Loss Prevention service (mDLP) uses industry-leading DLP hardware and software to tailor-make solutions for your size and industry.

It means you can constantly monitor the data entering or leaving your organisation’s network, data that’s transferred via the various ingress and egress points of an endpoint, plus business-critical data stored across all devices. Our DLP service then alerts you to any system generated alarms. Choose which package option matches your security
priorities for both endpoints and the network:

Discover + monitor
Discover + monitor + prevent
Managed to the highest standards

All DLP solutions are backed by two, ISO 27001 and SAS-70 Type 1/11-certified Managed Security Operations Centres (SOCs) that deliver 24/7 monitoring and management globally. Staffed by engineers certified on leading security platforms and products, they’re the resources you need to take on a challenge guaranteed to not just to get bigger – but even more complex.

Key Highlights

24/7 security monitoring and management Carried out by a dedicated team of security professionals at our global MSOCs
Cost-effective deployment Choose cloud or premise based to suit your organisation.
Rapid delivery Bringing easy integration with your existing security infrastructure.
Enterprise-grade storage Includes built-in data recovery via an extensive network of global data centers.
Flexible support models Through subscription licensing with predictable monthly costs and the option to upgrade any time.

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