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Managed Distributed Denial of Service

Detect, Protect and Thrive Shield your

shield your IT setup and your business against DDOS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become more common — and more sophisticated. Hybrid DDoS detection systems are now essential if you’re to effectively protect your enterprise from this new wave of threats.

Deal with multi-layer attacks — with seamless integration of cloud and on-premise DDoS protection
Stay one step ahead — with real time security updates
Keep internet-facing applications running — with proactive protection
Stay safe from global botnet threats — with attack countermeasures
Take control of your IT — with immediate forensics and attack reports

Safeguard your Applications and your Business

Sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are now targeting multiple layers of the enterprise. The most common attack targets the application layer, threatening critical applications like HTTP, HTTPS DNS, VoIP and SMTP. These attacks use less bandwidth than volumetric attacks and are harder to detect.

Meanwhile other attacks target servers and devices including firewalls, IPs and load balancers, exploiting their need for timely responses. A multi-pronged bombardment like this can put your enterprise at risk, threatening loss of revenue,lower productivity and even a tarnished reputation.


TATA Communication

Tata Communications and Arbor Networks have together introduced a multi-layered DDoS protection solution that defends you from complex application layer attacks. By adding Tata Communications’ cloud-based technology to Arbor’s on-premise device, the architecture delivers real-time detection and mitigation, protecting critical assets like the data centre and using cloud signalling to raise the alarm during a volumetric attack.

The solution only blocks malicious traffic, while legitimate traffic continues to flow as normal. Real-time security updates, forensics and attack reports bring you more control over how you respond to attacks than ever before.


Out-of-the-box protection: Availability Protection Systems (APS) detect and block DDoS threats in real time
Full suite of countermeasures: To neutralise the vast majority of global botnet threats
Encrypted SSL/TLS flood mitigation: A FIPS compliant SSL decryption module comes built in with APS, to battle SSL-based encryption attacks
Real-time threat updates and forensics: visibility over 120 Tbps of the world’s internet traffic means we can provide timely, automatic security updates to keep you one step ahead — while attack reports and forensics detail attacks and trends


Protect last-mile bandwidth — with a network-based defence that removes attack traffic on Tata Communications’ global IP backbone
Optimal protection — Cloud Signalling™ functionality connects the on-premise APS device with the cloud-based Tata Communications solution
Minimal latency and high availability — thanks to a wide network of 21 scrubbing farms on Tata Communications’ network
Handle any amount of attacks — irrespective of the source location, our scrubbing farms are never more than one AS hop away
Fully managed by us- with certified and experienced security professionals monitoring
and managing client services 24/7/365

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